Boric Acid and Chronic Yeast Infections

So boric acid is a household staple, it’s used to clean floors, clean sinks and is even used for laundering purposes. Yep it’s pretty universal, but did you know it can also treat yeast infections? Yes, that is correct, not orally (it is toxic and should not be ingested) but vaginally. There are different strains of yeast, hence the reason why sometimes over-the-counters and prescriptions can still leave some women without the relief they so desperately need.
According to PubMed’s search engine, a review article was completed in the Journal of Woman’s Health over the efficacy of boric acid in treating yeast infections that were not responding to standard treatment. In this review of case studies, randomized clinical trials and case reports that support using boric acid as a safe alternative. Of course talk with your GYN about your options and if you are pregnant, don’t use this treatment at all.

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Kristi is a registered nurse and currently works in community health. She always researched for commonalities of other women dealing with feminine issues on the web but felt the information she came across was shallow and lacked in depth real stories. As her medical career lengthened she began to notice that women of all ages would feel comfortable discussing feminine issues with her. For years she would brainstorm on ways to make these issues less taboo....incoming: My Jolly Clam.

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