Menstrual Cups, Part 1

Pad Rash (click here) much? Or just tired of bulky pads and strings to pull? Have you ever heard of menstrual cups? They are rubber or silicone apparatuses that remain in the vagina for upwards of 10-12 hours, depending on your flow. They work by producing a light suction that collects your menstruating fluids slowly and gradually.
I’ll be sharing more in-depth posts and reviews in the near future. if you were contemplating purchasing one check out a few pros and cons I’ve gathered below and click on te link to check out a few popular brands
• You never have to worry about strings to pull.
• Due to the suctioning of menstrual cups, a barrier is formed and because of that barrier odor is absent are usually very minimal.
• If you have sensitive lady parts, this is a Godsend. There aren’t chemically treated layers of fabric relentlessly brushing up against your skin.
• It is super environmentally friendly.
• It is very cost effective
• It is also very easy to pack or take with you.
• You will never feel like you have forgotten it up there….like those pesky tampons.

• Get ready to explore your lady parts because it really takes some practice and getting used to.
• You have to extract it or “pull it out”.
• When you pull it out… be careful!! If it spills…RED RUM, like all over the place!
• You have to sanitize it. You can do so with vinegar and water boiled. There also other methods used to sanitize it.
• Generally, you need to wash it out after each use, so if you’re at a restaurant or any place other than home…it gets tricky.

There are different hacks and tricks you need to research to figure out what works best for you upon insertion. If you just bought one, I suggest wearing a liner or light pad for a few cycles until you get the hang of it. Once you do it’s like learning to ride a bicycle every twenty-eight days.

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Kristi is a registered nurse and currently works in community health. She always researched for commonalities of other women dealing with feminine issues on the web but felt the information she came across was shallow and lacked in depth real stories. As her medical career lengthened she began to notice that women of all ages would feel comfortable discussing feminine issues with her. For years she would brainstorm on ways to make these issues less taboo....incoming: My Jolly Clam.

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