Suds and Clam

    Have you ever used the smell-good sudsy body wash only to have a bad bout of vag irritation follow for the next few days? I have gotten a lot of questions with concerns from women over the years involving non specific pruritus ( itching ). It’s super annoying and can really ruin your day if you have the most basic of plans. However, what I have found is the best way to beat this ailment is to stick to dye free, perfume free suds. I know, I know…you like the smells of berries and flowers. Yes….your nose does, but your clam doesn’t. Whose winning? Your best bet is to first see a doctor about it, but cut out all perfumed body washes. I even had to stop baths where I only used a squirt of body wash. Even sensitive soaps would be a bit too much after a few days of regular usage. What worked the best for me was the yellow Johnson and Johnson tear free baby wash. No this is not an endorsement and at the time of me writing this I have not been paid for anything….though I am not shunning that idea. But Johnson & Johnson tear free baby wash is what I have used for 5 plus years and it never fails.Yes it does have a light fragrance, but it does the job. Of course you must also make sure you rinse your lady part well…this includes the labia minora and labia majora.

    Ladies, do not feel hindered about using your fingers. A bulky wash cloth sometimes is just that….too bulky. I also have learned from previous experience that I can’t wash my hair in the shower anymore, the conditioner and shampoo run down and wreak havoc. So again consult with your GYN to rule out a more serious condition and remember to treat your lady part with dignity and respect. Listen to her, she usually has a lot to say!

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Kristi is a registered nurse and currently works in community health. She always researched for commonalities of other women dealing with feminine issues on the web but felt the information she came across was shallow and lacked in depth real stories. As her medical career lengthened she began to notice that women of all ages would feel comfortable discussing feminine issues with her. For years she would brainstorm on ways to make these issues less taboo....incoming: My Jolly Clam.

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