The Dreadful Pad Rash

Some may have never experienced it and some face it every few weeks, it’s the dreadful period rash. I am going to keep it real ladies…I never knew what the heck this thing was until I stopped pulling the wool over my eyes. I mean putting two and two together sometimes is more like a Sherlock mystery than an Ah-ha moment. I wore pads when I was younger and no I didn’t always change them every 3 or so hours because I never bled much. But It would have been nice if someone would have told me that you sweat down under and when you add little to no air circulation and blood it creates the perfect storm for PR. I was too ashamed to bring it up to anyone and besides it went away after a few days and sometimes didn’t show up at all.

So after years…I figured it out; it was the pads. So I would change my pads so frequently that I turned a bit OCD. Well, I found more relief with tampons. Oh my goodness with the tampons I only would experience minor skin irritation and it was only when I needed a panty liner (which actually was every cycle) but it was so mild I could deal. So after the mild irritation I figured I’d just do the tampons no liner. Yep I threw out underwear a lot and had a substantial amount of period undies….but I felt better and didn’t view my cycle as a co-morbidity. As I mentioned before I am a VERY delicate flower and have been since a little girl.

Unfortunately I had to switch my tampons because the more commercialized products had chemicals in them that were beginning to agitate my vaginal environment…but that will be in another post. So when the tampons were forced in to retirement for a while, I of course had to switch back to pads. This time though as a nurse I knew about chemical dermatitis and skin irritations caused by different agents and chafing. It all made sense and I went to my local Whole Foods and picked up some organic pads, liners and tampons. They worked more effectively and I experienced less symptoms less frequently. So I took my research a bit further and ordered some organic cloth pads and liners from amazon and I liked them it was just a bit much for me. I still used the cloth liners the most and washed them in hypoallergenic detergent ( I still use ALL Free and Clear ) with the organic tampons.

So the irritation subsided and so as far as Vag Hacks go-I can’t forget to mention that I most definitely changed underwear or liners when I felt moist and always used my blow-dryer (click here to read how). Another Vag Hack is to keep that area very dry and clean and use chemical free products with no dyes. I put a few tags below. I have used some but not all of the products. Sometimes you have to just try and see what works best…and that is what we call life.

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Kristi is a registered nurse and currently works in community health. She always researched for commonalities of other women dealing with feminine issues on the web but felt the information she came across was shallow and lacked in depth real stories. As her medical career lengthened she began to notice that women of all ages would feel comfortable discussing feminine issues with her. For years she would brainstorm on ways to make these issues less taboo....incoming: My Jolly Clam.

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