What is a Jolly Clam?

Well… a Jolly Clam is a happy honey pot, a happy lady part….are you getting the subtle references?  It’s another name for our ” Lady Garden”. And as beautiful as they are, they can also be quite temperamental. My JOLLY CLAM is a blog geared towards those complexities that ladies deal with….all the time.  To have one is to know one. While she has a lot of power,  if her jolliness isn’t on point, it can throw your entire mood off and consume your thoughts.

As a registered nurse, I’ve had my fair share of conversations with women who were dealing with lady part issues. I had my disclaimer, to always check with your doctor but then I would tell them either about my experiences or others that were similar in nature. Growing up ,” vagina” was a taboo word and it was rarely mentioned. But I had issues with sensitivity at a young age. I remember my mother telling me to put the  “medicated Vaseline”  ( it was in a brown jar, do they even sale this now?…who knows) down under because I was always irritated. It wasn’t due to improper wiping or inappropriate touching….I was just a delicate flower.

Well I had so many issues and it led me to think that  clearly something was wrong with me. But as I grew unashamed in talking about my issues with other women, I came to realize many women, young and old, were having similar concerns.

So I set out to have a place in the world where any knowledge I gathered or attained could be used to help others. So now of course I have to lay out the disclaimer that this blog is not for medical advice. I am not and never will diagnose and this is not medical information. It is for entertainment and if you find it informational….great! Just check with your doctor or medical provider if you are having any concerns. And I definitely must put a plug in for the GYNs. If you do not have one, get one ASAP. Keep up with your annuals/ PAPS and don’t be ashamed to ask questions.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope you tell other women, young and old about it. Heck, single fathers with daughters should know about this as well. Drop a line and let me know what issues you are having and together we can tackle them or at least attempt.

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Kristi is a registered nurse and currently works in community health. She always researched for commonalities of other women dealing with feminine issues on the web but felt the information she came across was shallow and lacked in depth real stories. As her medical career lengthened she began to notice that women of all ages would feel comfortable discussing feminine issues with her. For years she would brainstorm on ways to make these issues less taboo....incoming: My Jolly Clam.

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